HR Review

HR Review

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HR Review

If you are experiencing rapid growth or have just started out and haven’t had a chance to get your people and HR documents in place (or updated), our experienced team can help!

Taking this first step will not only ensure that you are compliant with relevant employment legislation but it will also improve your workplace practices and set your organisation up as a great place to work.

When you partner up with Hello Monday, a dedicated member of our team works closely with you to gain an understanding of your business and where you are at and helps set up HR documents and processes you need to have in place to meet your employment obligations and mitigate risk from your business.

We’ve completed HR reviews and audits for clients from a range of industries including professional services, building and construction, project management, legal, engineering, not for profit, marine, hospitality, IT and manufacturing, retail, services, etc.

Contact us to complete an HR review and audit

When we complete an HR review for you, we ensure that your HR documents are up to date, aligned to current employment legislation and truly reflective of your business practices.