Employment Agreements

Employment Agreements

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Employment Agreements

Any entity or business in New Zealand that employs people and rewards them (pay or allowance) for their services must provide them with an employment agreement. This is a legal obligation that we find a lot of businesses fail to do and they find it especially difficult to protect themselves when an employment issue arises.

An employment agreement outlines the duties, obligations, and benefits in the employee/employer relationship.

It can be challenging for a lot of employers to ensure that their employment agreements are current and in line with changing employment legislation, and business and operational changes to cover all the relevant aspects of their workplace.

We ensure all our clients are on the right contract type for their people and that their contract terms and clauses are accurate for the role and for the business and industry type.

When we work with clients our dedicated team take the time to learn about your business and industry to ensure that your employment agreements covers all the relevant aspects you must or should include to protect your business.

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