Employment Relations Advice & Support

Employment Relations Advice & Support

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Employment Relations Advice & Support

When your running a business, you want your people to get along, perform at their best every day, as well as do the right thing by you and your company.

Sometimes the unexpected can happen and you find yourself having to deal with a tricky employment issue.

Misconduct, performance issues, and absenteeism shouldn’t be everyday occurrences in your business, but they need to be managed effectively and immediately when they occur.

Whatever your HR needs, our team is here to help

Hello Monday provides experienced and qualified HR Consultants who will guide you through the complexities of HR and making the process easy.

We Help Resolve Employment Relations Issues:

  • we take the time to understand the circumstances of the issue fully
  • we talk you through the steps that need to be taken
  • we help you follow a process that complies with employment legislation
  • we take care of any formal documentation required
  • you have our dedicated support onsite for all meetings as you work through the process

Always have someone on hand to support you

With Hello Monday’s dedicated HR professional on hand, you will never be left to face any tricky HR issues on your own, and you’ll have the ongoing expert HR support and advice to ensure you minimise similar employment issues in the future.