HR Policies & Guidelines

HR Policies & Guidelines

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HR Policies and Guidelines

Human resource (HR) policies are rules, processes and guidelines that govern the employment relationship between employer and employee. HR policies describe the rights, responsibilities, and expected behaviours of both you and your people when it comes to working together.

There are several core HR policies that should be in place in any organisation and some that need to be in place to ensure adherence to NZ employment legislation. Other policies may need to be proactively developed depending on the type of business or industry you are in, to further help guide, empower, or protect employees, bring clarity to organisational issues, or protect the broader interests of the business.

Our dedicated HR Consultants will help you assess what you need to have in place and build a library of easy to understand (and follow) HR policies that support your specific workplace needs.

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If you haven’t reviewed your workplace policies for a while, now is a good time to have one of our team to assess what you need to have in place for your workplace.