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Nobody Does Detail Like Advanced Parts – HR Included Through Hello Monday.

Hello Monday has helped Advanced Parts run their HR as smoothly as the parts management. “Staying on top of the detail has never been better”, says Jared Wrennall, “and it’s never been more important either.” Find out why.

When you deal in car parts, you deal in details. Advanced Parts are specialists in Holden and Ford parts and that means getting the details of every part right. And as Jared Wrennall, Sales Manager for Advanced Parts, puts it, “HR, and Health and Safety are all about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, so I knew exactly where to go for help”. That help was from the team at Hello Monday.

Jared says, “I met Will Allan, Director of Hello Monday, through a previous restructuring process – he was fantastic to bounce ideas off with absolutely no pressure. Some of our situations here mean we have to be very particular about our processes. I knew Will was knowledgeable, professional and really approachable so he was my first port of call”.

That was three years ago. Since then Hello Monday has undertaken numerous employment relations type functions, reviewed Advanced Parts’ employment documents and policies and provided HR advice and guidance as needed.

As Mitch Hall, Hello Monday’s enableHR pro says, “The upcoming Health and Safety changes had Jared looking for a really robust system to document the business effectively. ‘enableHR’ does exactly that. It’s the Xero of HR and Health and Safety effectively. Everything is stored in the cloud and that means we’re as up to date as they are at any moment”.

Jared agrees. “The main reason we chose ‘enableHR’ was because we didn’t have a system to easily organise Health and Safety. Will had mentioned it to us a while ago, but once we started… well, it’s been fantastic. Everything is kept in one place”.

That’s not all. Jared says, “It also helped with managing our HR. Stuff like our contracts as well as really easy to follow checklists so the processes are right. It’s great!”.

“What’s been really great is to have the system but also the back up of Hello Monday. The first few times we used it; we had confidence knowing that Hello Monday was there for advice. And that it’s all online, is a real bonus.”

“Look, we’re an expert in our area but we can’t be expert at everything. We’re busy in the business so it could be easy to put things off (like policy) when it feels like it could wait until tomorrow. Then tomorrow rolls around and it’s the same.”

He continues, “But Health and Safety is really important in our business. We’ve got machinery, fork lifts lifting cars and so on, so we have to get it right. We can’t afford to miss a step and leave our people vulnerable. Using Hello Monday as our HR and Health and Safety experts really shows the benefits and ‘enableHR’ just makes that even easier”.

“Yes,” says Jared, “It’s still person driven; you have to actually put the information in. But there are reminders and you can set emails so you are really helped to stay on top of everything”.

Will points out that for three years, they’ve been working with Advanced Parts. He says, “We really do mean it when we say we have your back. Over the years, there’s been many quick conversations with Jared… and some longer ones too. We’ve got to know and understand how they work which means we can really make efficiencies and get proactive around internal and external changes”.

“Whether it’s law changes like the new Health and Safety rules, or hiring a new person on board – our job is to work closely with clients so they and their people have the best possible experience from day one.”

When asked if he’s recommended Hello Monday, Jared’s response is absolute. “Totally. 100%. Often times HR, and especially Health and Safety can feel like a burden. You think you have to get it right or you’re going to be in big trouble. With Hello Monday I can be sure I’ve done what I have to. Everything is in its place ready to go and I have on-call advice when I need it”. Dare we say it; just like those parts.

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