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First Fire Systems Have Got Their HR Protections in Place with Hello Monday.

Hello Monday has been working with First Fire Systems for five years, helping them proactively manage their HR and Health and Safety obligations. “I make time for them”, says Mark Bishop. Find out why…

Managing Director of First Fire Systems, Mark Bishop has worked with Hello Monday for about five years. He remembers Will Allan, Hello Monday’s Director getting in touch through a referral, years ago and they’ve been working together ever since.

Will says, “First Fire Systems was one of our first clients. Right now we’re helping them implement ‘enableHR’ so they can be more independent and efficient about the kinds of hands on support they need”.

Mitch Hall, Hello Monday’s enableHR guru calls “enableHR the essential self-help Human Resources, and Health and Safety tool for businesses and is fully supported by Hello Monday. It is the Xero of Health and Safety and HR practice in New Zealand and Mark’s first impressions are very good”.

Says Mark, “We changed all our operating systems in the business at the same time as implementing ‘enableHR’ so it’s been a challenge of sorts. My PA, Carol does most of the HR administration and she’s pretty happy with it. Of course we’ll review the cost benefit in 12 months but with 34 staff we definitely needed some more help”.

Mark’s view on advisors is, “I don’t like people who borrow my watch and then tell me the time”. But when it comes to Hello Monday he says, “their independence from the business is helpful and they’re probably more useful than not.”

He continues, “They cover a field that SME owners don’t have the expertise in. Part of that is covering your tail. Mostly it’s about getting the right advice to do the thing right. Yep I’m happy to recommend them. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be working with them”.

Over the past five years, Hello Monday has reviewed and updated First Fire Systems’ employment agreements for permanent and contractor employees, along with the employee handbook, policies and procedures, and job descriptions. They have also assisted and advised on employment relations issues and provided mediation services as required.

Says Mark, “We had some employment agreements that had been previously reviewed by the EMA. Hello Monday tidied them up as they stand at the moment so that was good”.
As for ‘enableHR’, Mark says, “With the new Health and Safety measures coming in we needed a good system in the first instance”.

‘enableHR’ certainly delivers that says Mitch. “Because all the information is stored in the cloud, we can access exactly what we need to when we need it. That means First Fire Systems doesn’t have to waste any time getting us up to speed”.

He continues, “As a tool, it’s invaluable. We know that Mark is watching closely to see that it’s returns more value than it costs and we’re confident in its ability to deliver that for them. It makes our time more efficient too – so that’s another saving delivered right there”.

One of Hello Monday’s key points of difference is the flexibility in the way they work with clients. Says Will, “Some clients want us to stay very close and others just want to know we have their backs when they need it. We work with people the way that works for them. We listen. And we adapt accordingly. But yes, we’re pretty proactive about staying in regular contact because that’s an important part of avoiding future problems”.

Marks says, “what I like about Hello Monday is they provide advice quietly on the side. And they know when to tell me to pull my head in”. So when it comes to hearing from Hello Monday from time to time? “Oh yes, I’m willing to take those calls”.

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